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I know I am coming in a day late with this post .. so maybe a few ideas for next year .. LOL. I love the Holidays, it is a crazy, busy time of year but as my husband always says "Heather, you thrive off of organized chaos.” This year is nothing short of that. I've known for weeks that I was hosting Thanksgiving at our house - I had my plans thought out and my Pinterest pins ready. But, as things go, my week got derailed and I totally spaced picking up the supplies I needed for my table centerpieces. So, the night before Thanksgiving, I was shoving my dinner down as fast as I could to make a quick run to Hobby Lobby (which we all know threw the Thanksgiving decor out the door weeks ago). After walking aimlessly up and down the aisles for over a hour I found a few things that I felt like I could make work with some stuff I already had at home.

“Best investment for entertaining, a set of white plates. Forget the fine china and buy yourself some plain, white plates. Mine are from World Market.”

Real talk, my white plates go with everything.. I love them and use them all the time with all different types of table settings. I also keep a simple set of flatware that I mix and match with other sets I have collected over the years. I did purchase new napkins from Amazon about a week ago and I loved how they added a pop of color to my table.

Outside of the pretty little table I was able to literally throw together at the last minute, I had my dad show me how to cook my very first turkey. We did it the way my grandfather (mom's dad) taught them and it was the way I grew up eating turkey on Thanksgiving. He passed a few years ago so prepping my turkey and stuffing the same way he did made me feel like a little part of him was here with us. I miss him .. and the Holidays make those feelings ever present and hard. But, being able to pass down down recipes, traditions and make memories with my family knowing he was apart of that for so many years helps make it a little easier.

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving! I promise to get these posts up in a more timely manner. LOL



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