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Quarantine Home Update: Painted Interior Doors

Hi everyone!! It's been a minute, despite having to stay home I am actually still working at the hospital and things have been busy. I know lots of you are in the same situation as me - trying to homeschool, work, stay healthy (mentally and physically), figure out how to save as many eyelash extensions as you can all while not pouring a glass of wine by 10am. It's definitely been an interesting time to say the least. But in all honesty, I am truly grateful for the forced reset. We've been able to knock out tons of new projects at home and I will be sharing them over the next few weeks. The biggest question I have been getting has been about my doors. We decided to paint them and I am IN LOVE. They turned out so good.

A few tips before choosing an interior door color - try to stay within your color palette you have at home on your walls. If your home is painted a cooler color pick something with similar undertones so that everything will blend and be more appealing to the eye.

Our entire house is Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray. So for the door color I chose Sherwin Williams Felted Wool. Disclosure, the paint was actually left over from when we painted our ceiling when we first moved in, LOL. Anyway, Felted Wool is on the same color swatch as Amazing Gray so the undertones are the same. It's just a few shades darker.


Here is a list of supplies I used:

- Sherwin Williams Paint in Felted Wool

- 1" paint brush

- 1.5" paint brush

- painters tape

- two buckets to balance the doors on to paint

- drop cloth to catch any drips ( I am a messy painter and managed to still get some on the floor)

Here is how I did it:

Our doors have detail in the middle so I made sure to start with the grooves to make it all nice and even. And then I painted the entire middle of the door.

Tip: make sure not to use too much paint on your first coat. It will make the finished product bumpy.

Extra hot tip: Use the smaller brush to get int the detail areas.

The sides were next. Smooth, even strokes with the 1.5" paint brush ensured I got good coverage - again, I wasn't trying to make it perfect on the first coat.

It took me 3 coats to get a completely covered door and I did one side at a time. Once it was dry I flipped it over and did the other side. The nice thing, I am able to paint a door here and there when I have a free hour or so. It really doesn't take that long. Something I did that help was I didn't remove any of the hardware, just taped over it.

Painting the doors has completely changed the feel of our "track home". It adds something a little extra and feels custom. Soo .. grab a brush, some paint and get to it.

Stay healthy!!




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