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7 Small Design Touches That Make a Big Impact

This time of year always has me wanting to do some small updates (or finish projects I have been working on) before guests come to visit. So here are my Top 7 small design changes you can do to give your home a new feel.

1. Rearrange your furniture

This is one of the simplest and cost effective ways to make a quick update without spending any money at all. Move that chair from your bedroom into the living room or take that small table out of storage and make it into a nightstand. You can easily move pieces from room to room to make the spaces feel different.

2. Pillows

I change my pillows out every season! Gives my home a fresh update. I love mixing patterns and textures. Shopping at places like HomeGoods, H&M or Amazon will give you the biggest bang for your buck. These pillow inserts are what I use - makes changing pillow covers easy.

3. Mirrors

Adding a mirror or mirrors to a room will automatically make the space feel brighter and bigger. Here are a few of my go to mirrors that can be used all around the house:

- Gold Round Mirror

- Large Floor Mirror

- Large Round Black Mirror

- Vintage Hexagon Mirror

4. Paint

Painting can be a daunting task at first - especially when it comes to choosing a color. But, for little money, painting a room can make a BIG impact.

5. Decluttering

Decluttering and purging automatically makes me feel better. Plus side - my spaces look cleaner and more organized. This isn't an instant visual impact but when company comes I like to have my kitchen cabinets and closets put together (just incase they decide to open them).

6. Wallpaper

I know people hear this word and cringe (my husband is one of those people). But I am all in on the wallpaper train. Word of advice if you decide to tackle a wallpaper project - watch a few YouTube videos for tips. I will be doing a wallpapering DIY soon but until then, proceed with caution. Just kidding .. but find the right supplies and do your homework. One of my favorite wallpaper sites is Graham and Brown. Check them out.

7. Lighting

Lighting and new light fixtures are another smallish budget item that can completely change a room. I think lighting is such an important part of your home and whatever you choose usually stays for awhile, so be mindful and not impulsive when it comes to choosing fixtures. l'll be doing a complete light fixture round up soon so be on the look out for that in the coming weeks.

Happy decorating! And as always, feel free to contact me if you are needing assistance.



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