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2021 - Life's Curveball

Well, it's officially been 2 years since I decided to take this dream God planted in my heart back in 2010 and run with it. I've only written 4 blog posts in that time ..LOL. 2020 was a bad year to get a new small business off the ground - especially in interior design - the trades got delayed from factory shutdowns and appliance manufacturers had to convert portions of their factories to making ventilators. Things were, and still are, backordered for months. I did design a few space in 2020 but decided I needed to take a step back and educate myself a bit more on the industry as a whole. I've been working on building new partnerships and relationships with wholesalers that make everything right here in America.

Enough of the boring stuff - here's where the curveball comes in. Back in July my husband and I had this pull on our hearts to sell our house. Which is crazy. We live in the BEST neighborhood and have made the best of friends here. Our home is everything we wanted - as it should have been because we picked everything out and built it from the ground up. Even so, we looked at a few houses on the market (fell in love with one, got outbid) and kinda moved on. Fast forward to September. We still had this longing that we were suppose to sell. The house hunting continued (bless our relator). Every weekend for months we looked, got outbid and got upset. We tried not to let it discourage us but we were starting to feel beat down. We both felt very clearly God was calling us to something more and these speed bumps were really slowing us down. Without anywhere to go - we listed our current home for sale. It sold immediately to the most deserving family and we were so excited to watch what God was going to unfold in the coming weeks.

Then, after several weeks and lots of sleepless nights, it happened. We finally found our home. The funny thing is when this particular house hit the market we immediately wrote it off because of the amount of work it needed but I kept coming back to it. It was nothing we were looking for but was everything we wanted all at the same time. When we walked in the door the first time my oldest tuned to me (she's 8) and said, "this is the one mommy." I couldn't have agreed more. God's plan for our family was finally unfolding and we all 5 in that moment fell in love with our new home.

That's it, thats our curveball. Selling and buying a house in this market is not for the faint of heart. People keep telling us we are crazy to leave such a beautiful home and amazing neighborhood. We agree with those people on some level. But those who love us and truly know us are excited for our next adventure and hopefully our last move for a very, VERY long time. My husband and I cannot wait to watch our babies grow up in this home, handpicked for us.

I will be blogging, sharing and hope you'll follow along with us on this journey.

And for those asking, yes, I am officially back in business and have a few jobs I am currently working on as well. So if you need some help making your house a home message me! I'd love to help transform your space.



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